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Psych100 February 4, 2013 Stress  Stress charges the autonomic nervous system the sympathetic system is arousing, and is activated in the fight-or-flight stress response  Chronic stress impairs immune functioning example study: track people living with various stress levels. They gave a cold virus in their noses and tracked who got sick biggest likelihood of getting sick were found in people with chronic interpersonal conflicts, chronic work problems such as unemployment or under employment acute stressors had no effect unaffected by age, education, race, antibodies, gender, body mass, season, virus type (all controlled) small effects of smokers, those who exercised less than twice a week, and poor sleep quality ”risky” family as chronic stressor such as conflict, chaos, low warmth, inadequate parenting studied women in these environments + those in average environments tracked the for 1.5years, their immune response and stressors inflammation response (a signal that immune system is kicking in) short term inflammation is essential for healing cortisol response comes in and tells the inflammation to calm down, tones it down long term inflammation predicts chronic diseases those from “risky” environments had stronger inflammation responses to short-term, everyday stressors at the same time, cortisols were less able to calm inflammation worse over time; higher chronic disease risk  Chronic stress increases risk of heart problems repeated or ongoing events cause chronic stress or depression these go on to create an everyday life situation to cause adrenaline boosts and/or high blood pressure these can lead to rapid forming blood clots, excessive inflammation th
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