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PSYC 1115

Psych 100 March 1, 2013 Personality  Personality: a person’s characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and acting. General consistency over time. [the what approach] a dynamic organization of systems that create these characteristics [the how approach]  Theoretical approaches can roughly be divided trail approach, humanism, other models like self [what approach] psychodynamic and neofreudians, humanism(ish), behavioural and social learning [how approach]  Nomothetic approach to understanding personality identify general laws that govern behaviour of all content [what] and/or development [how] contrast: ideographic approaches which explain personality of one person  Psychoanalytic theory father: Sigmund Freud Freud used therapy and what his patients were saying to develop his theories of personality core assumptions of psychoanalytic theory: 1. Psychic determinism all psychological events have unconscious cause: we don’t choose our actions. No such thing as random behavior. All actions result of unconscious behaviour, driven by needs such as sex and death 2. Symbolic meaning no action is meaningless; they are always symbolic of something else [unconscious desire/fear] 3. Unconscious motivation the unconscious is origin of all psychic energy  Freudian slips: leaking unconscious motives when it’s tied to sex or death [more often sex]  Main components of psychoanalytic theory: structure of personality stages of personality development defense mechanisms  Structure of personality iceberg common metaphor above surface: conscious at and just below the surface are preconscious, like memories. Not exactly in conscious but can be pulled to conscious underneath surface: unconscious. Very big, deep reservoir. Conflict. Anxiety. the Id: acts on pleasure principle. Primary force driving in infancy. Control
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