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Lecture 11

SOCI 1121 Lecture 11: Aboriginal Issues 1

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Langara College
SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Week One - Sarah Jean Devries, Michelle Gurney, Stephanie Lane, Tanya Holvk, Dawn Crey. - There are hundreds of aboriginal women who have gone missing and there are no inquiries -Inquiry launched in 1988, with 50 aboriginal women missing - Women who stood up, were essentially silenced - Highway of tears, heaps of aboriginal women have gone missing there, but no one cared, UNTIL white women started to go missing - Not tribe, but band or nation (nation preferred) - Tribe has a negative vibe, lesser and out of site - 615 First Nations Groups in Canada - Canada is compared to New Zealand - however the Maui have a nation that is the size of B.C., so there is a much different size - The amount of First Nations groups in Canada make it difficult to put anything in place - Status cards don’t workANYWHERE, only on reserves - *Indigenous and NorthernAffairs (not Indian anymore, thanks Trudeau) - indian act,, federal government controls everything -All aspects of life on reserves are controlled by the federal government -reserved land is not owned by aboriginal people - 1985-ABORIGINAL women who married a non-aboriginal man lost their status - NON-ABORIGINAL women who married aboriginal men gained status - Thanks to small Pox, typhoid, measles,Aboriginal culture has been lost - Art
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