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Lecture 16

SOCI 1121 Lecture 16: Education 1

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SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Lecture 1 - Hiiden curriculum - Oakes, Rist, Rosenthal & Jacobsen = processes? -social mechanisms - answer all the questions - word count on the front - expectations go up - You don’t need to use outside sources - cite lecture notes (enns lecture notes, fall, 2016) - bibliography (socioology 1121, 003, Sandra Enns, Fall 2016, Langara College) - 1,200, double spaced, 12 fonts, word count (front page) - uploaded, don’t email - Monday December 12, 4:00 - PDF OR WORD FORMAT (PDF is better) - december 19th for marks Education - NorthAmerica is spoiled - free - many children in third world countries aren’t able to go to school - 1/3 children don’t go to High school = 1/3rd of the world has a grade 7 education - 2/3rd of illiterate people are women - if you can only sen one child to school, the male is sent - Quebec and Maritimes are both reliant on industries, Quebec with agriculture and Maritimes with fishing, and have the lowest amount of people educated in Canada - “No child left behind” - kids are not being failed. Kids are not being held back. -“We don’t want them to see themselves as failures” -“We don’t want them to be psychologically damaged” - Kids are being pushed onto the next level without the necessary requirements -parents don’t want their kids to be left behind, teachers don’t want to deal with this kids -They should be passed on when they are ready, not just with the class - thereARE kids who have been held back - More-so in elementary school than high school - ESL - ESL - many kids who move to Canada, even if they speak English, go through years of ESL -EvenAboriginal children - who are from here - have to go to ESL for years -Of course, there’s no simple examination that could
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