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Women's Studies
WMST 1116

Symbols and cultural perspective, Ritual Model, conflict over reality Symbols and cultural perspective To talk about culture is to talk about a distinct symbolic framework within which the shared material world is interpreted To live within a particular culture is to see the world, give it meaning and act in the world according to a conventional symbolic framework The modern, scientific perspective on reality is no less symbolic than the medieval Christian, Australian aboriginal or Aztec one The ritual model Carey: "communication is a symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained repaired and transformed" (23) The world has no natural order - we work to keep it in order and this makes it real for us - communication is one way we do is Production bringing an experimental world into view Maintenance working to ensure that our view works and is "true" Repair promoting the continued truth of a view where it is contested Transformation bringing unconsidered aspects of things into view Symbols: representation "of" and "for" reality. They present reality acting to subjective models "... Symbolic forms... Possess two distinguishing characteristics: displacement [re
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