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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

GLENNORA What struck us? Constraints, Concerns, Is this really sustainable They do not own most of the land worked, they lease via rental agreements. (LAND) - problem with finances, they have NO COLLATERAL so banks dont want to give him a loan - renters could deny land access They only have 1 One full time - year round employee, - although 10-12 summer employees - some paid some unpaid (WOOFERS) Dependant on free labour Certified Organic so there restrictions on seeds - “must” buy organic seeds Inputs - no fertilizers - 40 year crop rotation - Every 3 years a plot has green manure (legumes) - adding nitrogen - For transplants he uses fish emulsions and compost 13 families, 90 varieties combined with crop rotation equates to lots of organization -COMPLEX ROTATION 275 baskets, 3 markets, restaurant and nursery = DIVERSE - Transforms product Is it sustainable? combine, social, economical, and environmental Economical - land prices and difficulty with loans - may lose the land with the house in terms of cultivating because there is environmental concerns about agricultural land on the edge of the river. Diversity of product and product process/ transformed means more sustainble Is CSA SUSTAINABLE: - a "more" sustainable option - upfront payment (sometimes all or 1/2 payed in the spring) - Winter CSA and Summer CSA - there will always be a demand - Food banks/centers getting food from CSA breaking down the barrier of "niche market" Critizism of Organic Farm is that it is
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