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Lecture 12

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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 261
Jason Young

ANAT 261 October 12 2010Dr MandatoLecture 12Arterioleshave 12 layers of smooth muscle cells and IELM is not properly definedThe smooth muscle cells in a longitudinal section appear as if it were a cross section Looks similar to duct of sweat gland in the epidermis so BE CAREFULDuct has 23 layers of nuclei but no other layers outside ie no adventitiaIntimaendothelial cells Basement membrane and internal elastica just elastic fibers no membrane which goes in the same directionaxis of arterioleMediasmotth muscle cells and reticular fibersAdventitiahas fibrocytes collagen Type I and nerve fibersoThe fibrocyte nuclei are darker and larger than the smooth muscle cellless than 05mm in diameter and metarterioles are much smallerCapillariesHard to distinguish between capillaries and postcapillary venule Whenever theres a tiny structure with ONE red blood cell then its a capillary since the diameter of both is 7 micrometersThe postcapillary venule has 23 red blood cells in itFrom end of metarteriole to beginning of postcapillary venule1 mm2 Area of capillary network6000 mDiameterwhen you put together all the capillaries in the body that diameter will be 800 times larger than that of the aortaFlow in aorta320 mmsec flow in capillaries 03mmsec
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