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Lecture 4

ANAT 214 Lecture 4: ANAT214_Lecture_4

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Anatomy & Cell Biology
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ANAT 214
Louis Hermo

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Rib Cage Not only protects but acts as a normal pump for respiration Plays a big role in CPR, you enhance the pumping mechanism o By pushing down the rib cage, you pressurize the thorax and make the blood pump out of the aorta Joints Fibrous o Fibrous tissue holding bone together Between the radius and the ulna Radius and ulna are joined by fibres to each other Tooth Fetal skull Wrist Cartilaginous o Seen in joints between the bodies in vertebrae Intervertebral disc Allows restricted movement of the vertebral column Is very malleable so it can bear weight Degrades with age so people get shorter when they age Made up of hyaline cartilage surrounding fibrocartilage with a nucleus pulposis in the center Nucleus pulposis Made up of cells with a lot of gelatenous properties When there is pressure on the vertebral column, the nucleus expands to act as a shock absorber The tissue in between the bone is very malleable In embryogenesis The neural tube from the notochord makes the nucleus pulposis Disc herniation: If the intervertebral disc slips, it compresses the nerve onto the spine and causes severe pain Between the first rib and the manubrium on the clavicle Called the chostochondral joint Synovial o Permit considerable movement depending on the shape of the joint o There are four main features: cavity, articular hyaline cartilage, synovial membrane and the capsule Black is the joint called articular cartilage Blue is the hyaline cartilage The green is the capsule o Two bones are separated by the synovial cavity surrounded by the periosteum and then the top of the bone is covered in hyaline cartilage There is synovial fold between the two bones within the capsule o There is a double synovial joint Between the clavicle and the sternum There is a disc in between the boneso The ribs to the sternum, except the first are synovial joints to allow movement when breathing because they are synovial Tendons, Ligaments and Bursae Tendons: dense regular connective tissue that joins muscles to bone Ligaments: dense connective tissue that joins bone to bone Bursae: close
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