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Lecture 12

ANTH 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Puerto Rican Spanish, Code-Switching, Nancy Hughes

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ANTH 202
Eduardo Kohn

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Tuesday, October 30th
Lecture 15
Reading: Bestor, Supply-Side Sushi
Bestor Reading
About globalisation = increased velocity of capital, acceleration of transportation and
telecommunications, larger and more fluid markets, diasporic populations, multi social agencies
Globalisation moves across the strange boundaries of nation states
Borders are real but also a social construction, globalisation puts stress on this
Like a bluefin tuna – global fish that migrates all over the ocean, national boundaries are not well
Sushi is global in its production – sourced all over the world – and in its consumption (food taste)
Anthropologists can’t study globalisation in one place and the locality of the culture (the field
site) is no longer the most meaningful thing → what happens to anthropology?
Globalisation is not a replication of uniformity, it is an “organisation of diversity, an
increasing interconnecting of various cultures”
We are shamans due to the ability to “code switch” = the ability to switch from one register to
another and to allow that switch to be meaningful, the use of the two registers that allows
switching to be a power move
Youtube video: “Larry Harlow/Ismael Miranda – Abran Paso”
As an example of code-switching
Puerto Rican scene in 1960s in New York where Puerto Rican salsa emerged
Larry Harlow was a NY Jew and orchestra director, very big orchestra for the salsa emergence
Code-switching is also framing, when you name something you have power over it
Introduces orchestra in idiomatic Puerto Rican spanish, then pretends he is introducing from the
Ed Sullivan show (bungled spanish), then frames it in terms of his masterful performance of NY
Everyone knows he’s not Puerto Rican knows that, but power to inhabit the person ppl think you
are (speaking spanish badly), it’s only funny because he can speak perfect spanish too
Code switcher
Prof ran out of the class after pretending to take a phone call and jumped back in wearing
superman outfit = AMAZING
Superman switches between Clark Kent (glasses) and a superhero (get up w cape)
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