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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 - Nov.22

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McGill University
ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Final assign: 2 questions What thinking about thinking means and show this as to one concrete author Explain why thinking about thinking is important in anthropology 2 pages max, double space Upload on webct as PDF Each question is as long as you want it to be Review There was no concept of society before Before, everything was focused on the king, then it moved to society (when biology developed) Because society emerged as a new way of thinking about human reality, the definition of humans as biological beings was developed Biology became a political tool Politics focused on the king were negative Killed people The breaking open of a new space New way of thinking emerging Concept of society did not exist before the rise of biology This concept transformed the way politics is all about After the French rev. politics and biological existence coincided The definition of a nation was rooted in the total sum of human beings, in society Foucault's observation Concept of society did not exist before the 18th century Humans were not thought of as social beings In the late 18th century, people start thinking about humans in terms of society A shift from concern with the King towards a concern with Society Terms that were used as synonyms for society were race, nation, people The key moment in the consolidation of the society concept was the French Revolution aka the race-war, as people appear to have understood it One society kills two other societies (Franks and Romans) The govnt has thus a reason to exist: to make the Gauls flourish To make them flourish, you need to invest in their health 1800 is the year in which biology comes into existence The idea that med is a political tool emerges then too People think of themselves as biological organisms in need of hygiene Humans become subjects of society and biology They start thinking of themselves as these two terms Conclus
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