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Lecture 7

ANTH 227 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Medical Anthropology

Course Code
ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

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5 steps to how anthropology of medicine came to be (3 are review, 1 is today's lecture, 1 is
next lecture)
Rivers, Golden Age of medicine
Young, historical development, doubt Medicine, search for alternatives, possibility
that rituals and ceremonies in other cultures can be medicine
Medical anthropology in 1970s by doctors for doctors, Kleinman, born out of clinical
encounters for clinical encounters
1980's, emergence of anthro of medicine, reaction of ethnographers of medicine
against the arrival or med. anthro
Emergence of Anthro of Med.
Margaret Locke and Nancy Scheper-Hughes
To integrate aspects of anthro discourse on the body into current work in medical
Believe Kleinman has reduced anthro to a servant of his clinically oriented med.
The experience of suffering is the definition of the human
So it's the quintessence of anthro
The human condition does no vary across culture then
Significant before it teaches physicians that there are different ways in which
people make sense
Thus different ways of articulating pain and suffering
To them, Kleinman has not learned the lesson of anthropology
As he distincts illness and disease, he keeps his Western POV
He naturalizes one cultural form and thereby elevates it over all other cultural
Kleinman are good for 3 things
Translators from culture to doctor to culture
Guardians of "their" wisdom
Back to Locke/SH
Refuse that the body is only a biological phenomenon
Nature is a culture category too
Their project is to undermine Kleinman's medical anthro by making the body a
cultural thing
The body is lived
Individual body
Social body
Political body
Assumption that body is a physical and symbolic artifact
Other cultures don't distinguish between nature and culture, spirit and matter
Did we or did Kleinman get something wrong?
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