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Lecture 13

EAST 211 Lecture 13: EAST211_lec13_Oct26

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Asian Language & Literature
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EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

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Wed, Oct 26 2016 1 of 2 EAST 211 Week 9 Lecture 2 Ming dynasty and the dawn of the global world Terms • 1268-1644: one of china’s longest dynasties • neo-confucianism blame orthodoxy • population doubled Part 1: establishing the empire • Zu Yang Zhang (Hang Wu emperor, Ming tai zu (temple name) - pleasant background, rose in the ranks, natural leader -> military general - began building the great wall - Modelled gov. on Tang Dynast, but many institutions still influence by Yuan - Re-established civil examinations, population registries ‣ people had to register their occupation, their children would be permanently assigned the same occupations ‣ registries were completely ineffective at keeping their jobs ‣ however, effective for household surveillance 110 household system ‣ also used for taxation ‣ women were very under reported - paranoid about corruption -> implemented harsh punishment - after death, succeeded by grandson, who was supposedly killed by his uncle - hongwu emperor’s 4th son -> became young le emperor Yong le Emperor 1402-1424 • Tried to write his nephew out of history • changed the empire significantly • expanded territory, established trade relations all over the world • he worried about the legitimacy of his reign • advanced naval technology • repairs on grand canal • moved capital to Beijing to establish strong hold in north • never fully defeated the mongols • court-sponsored cultural projects - compilation of the four book and five classics - young enclycopedia -collection of all worth while works of writing • most subsequent ming emperors were not that great - power was delegated to eunuchs Zheng He • Muslim, not an explorer, traveled on pre-existing trade routes • castra
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