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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Fungi

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

30092011Midterm Lecture ExamDate Monday October 3 2011No lecture on Tues Oct 4thTime 630 730pmYou will have a full 60 minLocation Depends on your name see lists posted on WebCTYou will be allowed to take the exam only in the yassigned room Exception students who have received permission to take the exam at the Office for Students with DisabilitiesMidterm Lecture ExamWorth 18 of your total gradeygParticipation Required except in the case of serious illness or family affliction appropriately documentedBIOL 111 has Priority 1 you must take this examincaseofscheduleconflictexam in case of schedule conflictNo make up130092011Midterm Lecture ExamFormat Multiple choiceNumberofquestions35Number of questions 35Lectures 1 9 1 lecture from both Drs GregoryEavesHendry4 lectures by Dr Gray3 lectures by Dr DhindsaQuestions reflect lecture distributionMark answers on scantronMidterm Lecture ExamBringwithyouBring with you McGill student id pencil erasertranslation dictionary paper only if neededNodefinitiondictionarieselectronicversionshandNo definition dictionaries electronic versions handwritten notes or insertionscalculator is not needed for this examwaternonmessy snack if needed2
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