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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Heather Roffey

Lecture 10 Embryonic development part onezygotediploid union of haploid gametesembryoyoung organism contained in protective structurecleavagecell division in zygotegastrulationinfolding of embryonic tissuelayersmorulasolid ball of cells pregastrulationblastulahollow ball cells in exterior pregastrulationgastrulaafter infolding beginsblastoporeinvaginationmouth protosome anus deuterostomearchenterondigestive space gut cavityectodermouter layerepidermis nervous tissuemesodermmiddle layerinternal organs etcendoderminner layerlining of respiratory digestive systems Cnidariansblind gutdigestive gastrovascular cavityone openingmesogleagel not tissue structural support in cnidarianspolypsessile form of cnidarians mouth upwardmedusamotile mouth downwardcnidocytescells that produce nematocysts unique to cnidariansnematocystsorganelle coiled tubeprey releases venomnerve netin epidermis and gastrodermis connected by mesoglea connected neurons no brainplanulafreeswimming bilateral ciliated larvaeHydrozoa classpolyp dominanteg HydraScyphozoa classjellyfish medusa dominant no velumAnthozoa classcorals anemones etc polypno medusavelumshelf under edge of bell muscular jellyfish lack thiscoral bleachingzooxanthelle expelled corals may die Platyhelminthesplatyhelminthesflatworms flat like a plateplanarianspecific family cephalisation mouth in middle of ventral sidecephalisationconcentration of neurons senses at anteriorTurbellaria classfreeliving the only classMonogenea classflukes parasites on fish gillsTrematoda classflukes incl SchistosomaCestoda classtapeworms in vertebrate intestinesflukeflat body with suckers body planschistosomiasishuman snail host unsanitary water
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