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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111

Bio 111 Alanna Houston September 20, 2007 FUNGI - Closely related to animals o Domain of botanists for greater than 100 years - 70,000 species known - Core feature is mycelium o Whitish grey mat of filaments (hyphae) o Cell wall of chitin - Eating o Absorptive heterotroph o External (digest outside the hyphae) o Common in decay (saprobe) o Less commonly a parasite - Most hyphae are incompletely divided into separate cells * look at picture - Mycelia: o World’s largest fungus (organism?) o 10 km^2 o In Oregon o Demonstrated by mating types - Phylogeny of the Fungi: o Chytridsiomycota o Zygomycota o Glomeromycota o Ascomycota o Basidiomycota Chytrids - Thought to be protists…but now are known to be fungi - Life cycle : - Isomorphic (haploid and diploid look the same) Bio 111 Alanna Houston - Gametes and spores have flagella Zygomycetes - Spend majority of life as haploids - Grow as hyphae - Two hyphae of different mating types come together, you get two parts: o Plasmogamy: cell plasma comes together o Karyogamy: Nuclei come together - Have lost flagella because the gametes are not in water - Ascomycetes - Cup fungi (cup shaped mushrooms) - Ascus – sac (look at slide) - Haploid dominant - Different mating types come together to two parts: o Plasmogamy then cell division* - dikaryotic mycellium o THEN karyogamy - Haploid hyphae can also reproduce asexually (most of the time) making conidia - Septate hyphae Bio 111 Alanna Houston - Bas
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