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Biology (Sci)
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The Permian 297251 mya o During the Permian period the continents united to form the supercontinent Pangaea o Massive volcanic eruptionsash blocked sunlight and cooled the climatelargest glaciers in Earths history o By the end reptiles greatly outnumbered amphibians o The lineage leading to mammals diverged from one line of reptiles Bony fishes radiated in the oceans o Mass extinction at end 96 species lost volcanoes meteoriteocean turnover implicated o At the end of the Permian a large meteorite crashed into northwestern Australia o Volcanic eruptions poured lava into the oceans which depleted O in deep oceansOceanic 2turnover then carried the depleted water to the surface where it released toxic CO and HS 22o Oconcentrations dropped to about 12 percentmost animals would have been unable to 2 survive at elevations above 500 m o About 96 of all species on Earth became extinct Mesozoic Era 25165 mya o At the start of the Mesozoic era 248 mya the few surviving organisms found themselves in a relatively empty world o Pangaea slowly separated glaciers melted and shallow inland seas formed o Life proliferated and diversified o Earths biota diversified and became distinct on each continent previously more ho
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