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Lecture 7

Study Questions for Lecture 7 Study question answers for Lecture 7.

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 303
Dragana Miskovic

1What are somato and splanchnopleure and which germ layers are involved in their formationSomatopleure is formed by the somatic mesoderm parietalrelated to the wall which combines with the ectodermSplanchnopleure is formed by the splanchnic visceralrelated to internal organs combine with the endoderm2What is going to be formed from somatic mesodermThe somatic mesoderm is responsible for forming the parietal which is related to the wall Form the limb bud the parietal serosa and dermis3What is going to be formed from splanchnic mesodermThe splanchnic mesoderm is responsible for forming the visceral which is related to internal organs Form the visceral serosa and smooth muscle of gut4What are presumptive heart cells What is cardiogenic mesodermPresumptive heart cells originate from two patches of the epiblast close to the anterior part of the primitive streak Cardiogenic mesoderm contain precursors of the three cell types that contribute to the endocardium and myocardium atrial and ventricle5What is the role of Wnts and BMPs in the specification of Heart precursor cellsWnt inhibit h
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