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Tutorial 1: Tree & Shrubs A summary of all the trees and shrubs for the first tutorial (worth 10% of the course mark).

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 350
Ken Oakes

BIOL 350Trees and ShrubsTypeSpeciesCharacteristicssmall shrubs leaf looks like Black CherryChokecherryshit on a stick appearance on branchesedible but does not taste very goodsnap the pit if the inner parts are white its a Black Elderberry if its red its a Red ElderberryBlack Elderberrycompound leaves look like Manitoba Maplestems look like deer antler does not grow to be very tall red fruiting bodySecondary Secondary Secondary Secondary invade the edge of farm elds does not compete well against other speciesStaghorn SumacCommunityCommunityCommunityCommunityspread by roots producing genetically identical copiesmay be confused with Black Walnut leafbeautiful yellow leaves in autumn waxy leaves to retain watersmooth grey trunks green underneath the trunkTrembling Aspenmay be genetically identical to each other in proximityconsidered to be a hardwood but also a deciduous species mostly good for papertend to grow quickly and also die quicklylives to be very old age of the tree can be read by the ringsscalelike leaf has good resins to last a long timeEastern White Cedarextremely efcient at capturing light excrete acidic compounds to prevent other species growing near it5 needles arranged in a groupEastern White Pinearms of the white pine will be pointed to the eastscaly bark needles can be rolled between ngersConiferous TreeConiferous TreeConiferous TreeConiferous TreeConiferous TreeWhite Sprucelooks like someone with wet clothescones are very smalllong needles and sessile valuable and expensive Christmas treeBalsam Firwhite liquid resin near zits cannot roll
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