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Lecture 10

BUSA 250 Lecture 10: Winter 2015 Semester Notes 10

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BUSA 250
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Final Integrative Paper Draft due: Thursday, April 2 (Peer Editing) Final paper due: Thursday, April 9 • Length: 4 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font • Citations: Please cite any secondary sources, including Five Days at Memorial and your selected article, using MLA parenthetical citation, and provide a Works Cited list. • Your final analytical paper will require considerable thought and creativity. Your guidelines are quite open, a condition that will force you to adopt a position of authority regarding the concerns we have addressed in the class. • Using Five Days at Memorial and one additional article assigned during the term discuss the relationship between the content an author communicates and the manner in which he or she chooses to communicate it. In other words, using these texts as evidence, discuss how an author’s rhetorical decisions affect the manner in which the audience receives her work. • Although you will not have enough space to discuss the whole book, you should be able to assimilate the primary concerns of Five Days at Memorial well enough to discuss its
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