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CLAS 203 Lecture Notes - Sea Monster, Peloponnese, Megapenthes

Course Code
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 21 Notes
Hypermnestra and Lynceus to Perseus:
Gives birth to Abas
Abas has kids, a pair of hostile twins named Acrisius and Proetus
Acrisius and Proetus fights for power. It ends up Acrisius becomes king of Argos while
Proetus becomes king of Tiryns
Acrisius, dispirit to have a son, cannot get one, but rather, has a daughter named Danae
o Puts Danae in a bronze chamber so she could not get pregnant because the
oracle tells Acrisius that his grandchildren will kill him
The son of Zeus and Danae via the “Golden Shower”
Birth of Perseus:
o Oracle
o ‘The girl’s tragedy’
Violation of prohibition
Threat of death
Liberation Dictys (fisherman who finds Danae and Perseus in a chest),
Seriphos (island)*** (IMPORTANT)
The quest:
o Threat to member of family: Danae Polydectes (King of Seiphos, brother is
o Hero sent on quest Gorgon’s head (Medusa)
o Acquires magical aids Athena, Graeae (three old hags with one working eye
and tooth; only characters who can help Perseus defeat Medusa)
Cap of darkness
Winged sandals
Kibisis (leather pouch to store things in)
Scimitar from Hermes: link with Peloponessus
o Reaches goal in far-away land Hyperborea
o Combat with villain
o (temporary setback): missing
o Vanquishing of enemy (birth of Pegasus)
o Pursuit and escape
Two versions of return home
o Seriphos version
Simple return
Punishment of villain: Polydectes
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