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CLAS 203 Lecture Notes - Epic Cycle, Deiphobus, Sophocles

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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 31 Notes
The End of the Trojan War:
Penthesilea (Amazon Queen, great warrior)
The death of Achilles
The arms of Achilles
The death of Ajax, son of Telamon
The death of Paris (Menelaus/Neoptolemus)
Fights Achilles where she dies under his arms
Some rumours say that Achilles was not happy that he had killed a beautiful women and
wished he had met her on some other occasion
Death of Achilles:
Killed by Paris when shot by arrow in his heels; shot was guided by Apollo. Fate must be
fulfilled. Both sides wanted his body. One to savage, the other to bury. Everybody
wanted Achilles’ armour (made by Hephaestus)
Ajax pulls body of Achilles away to bury. Odysseus and Ajax fights for armour. Odysseus
gets armour, Ajax did not get glory (“klous”), Athena causes him to go insane and he kills
a lot of Greek captains, regains sanity and commits suicide
Motif transference: deliberate parallels between death of Patroclus and Achilles
Iliad foreshadows Achilles’ death with a heightened dramatic effect
Achilles stretched lying in the dust
Thetis and the Nereids coming out of the water to mourn in an outburst of sorrow
Thetis holding Achilles’ head in her arms
The fall of Troy:
The prophecies of Helenus few things must be fulfilled before Troy to fall
o Neoptolemus (son of Achilles must join the fight)
o The Bow of Heracles (Sophocles’ Philoctetes) had to be retrieved from Lemnos
o The Palladium (Odysseus and Diomedes) statue of Athena as a city protector,
came from Heaven, inside of Troy. Diometes and Odysseus disguised as beggar,
steals it
o The Trojan Horse:
Proposed by Odysseus
The trick to burn the camp: sail and hide behind island of Tenedos
Leave Greek Sinon near the horse; Trojans come out thinking that the
Greeks gave up, and left the horse as a sacrifice of Athena for their safe
return home
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