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CLAS 203 Lecture Notes - Thrinacia, Telegonus, Anticlea

Course Code
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 33 Notes
The Nosoi (Returns)
o Agamemnon: death and betrayal
o Menelaus: travels to Egypt after burying his companion
Stuck on island of Pharos low on provision, Nymph who is the daughter
of Proteus (old man of the sea) takes pity on Menelaus and tells him:
Proteus at noon everyday emerges from the sea and comes to sleep
amidst a flock of seals and he counts them and he lies around them and
sleeps. Menelaus must seize him and demand of him what to do.
Menelaus ambushes Proteus and gets told that he must go on top of Mt.
Egypt and make a sacrifice to Zeus
Return to Sparta (Odyssey)
o Nestor: easy return to Pylos (Odyssey)
o Diomedes: betrayal by wife and flight to Italy, credited for founding a few Italian
o Ajax, son of Oileus: shipwreck caused by Poseidon, saved by rock, commits
hybris again by saying that even Poseidon couldn’t kill him, death by Poseidon
striking the rock with his trident
The Odyssey compared to the Iliad:
o In Greek means simply “the story of Odysseus”
o Composed later than the Iliad
Carefully avoids overlap in narration
o Telemacheia considered a later addition
Combines two strands of stories: adventures at sea with a nostos
(returning home)
Not narrated chronologically
o World at peace (Odyssey) versus world at war (Iliad)
o Greater geographical scope (Iliad is only zoomed in at Troy; Odyssey is presented
with a big area)
o Less heroic?
Fabulous and incredible elements
Realistic descriptions of life: eating, farm and palace life
Odysseus: nostos 10 years’ duration
Chronology of the ‘nostos Plot of the Odyssey
End of the Trojan War
The Telemachy (Ithaca)
Storm at sea
Odysseus on Ogygia
The wanderings (3 years)
The release and the storm
Calypso’s island (7 yars)
Poseidon’s storm
Telling of the wanderings
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