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McGill University
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 23 Notes Theseus:  After Theseus slays the minotaur, he returns to find out that his father is dead  Theseus also slays the 50 sons of Pallas  Antiope (queen of Amazon, and will be mother of Hippolotus) and Amazonomachy  Theseus and Pirithous o Helen of Sparta o Katabasis  Return to Athens and exile  Death: Scyros (island) – the king of the island throws him off the cliff because he was scared Theseus would try to take power away from him Crete (*History will not be tested*):  Great thalassocracy, powerful kings, enormous palaces  Religious artifacts: images of bulls, goddesses (fertility)  No Cretan history, only Cretan archaeology  No original Cretan myths, only Greek myths about Crete  Greek myth: evil king overthrown by wandering hero who wins love of princess  Palaces: maze; bull: half human monster Europa and the Bull:  The line of Io: Epaphus in Egypt  Libya and Poseidon  Agenor and Belus  Europa, Cadmus, Phoenix, Cilix  The abduction of Europa by Zeus: Crete  Minos (claims kingship of Crete because a bull came out of the sea), Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon Minos and Pasiphae:  Minos drives out brothers  Claims kingship: Poseidon’s promise  O
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