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McGill University
Economics (Arts)
ECON 208
El- Attar Mayssun

Text Information for Econ 208, Fall 2012 The texts are available from Paragraphe Bookstore, 2220 McGill College Avenue. [Tel: (514) 845-5811] Text: Microeconomics, 13 Canadian Edition by Ragan & Lipsey (Pearson Canada, 2011) The text comes with access to the text’s own web site (MyEconLab) that provides, among other things, (i) on line mini-exam practice, (ii) Additional Topics that expand the text material, and (iii) a section on ‘economics in the news’, updated daily, with sub-sections on international news, US/Canada headlines and an Economists' forum, and (iv) and e-text version of the text. (See footnote.) With the text you also get a free ‘light-reading’ short book, Cocktail Party Economics, which explains/applies some of the basic principles of Microeconomics in an ‘everyday’ manner. th Study Guide to Ragan & Lipsey Microeconomics, 13 Canadian Edition, by Dickinson & Indart. (Pearson Canada, 2011) The Study Guide provides (i) Chapter Overviews, Hints and Tips for effective study of each chapter, (ii) practice Multiple Choice questions for each chapter and chapter section (along with answers and, for many, explanations of why the right answer is correct and the others are not), (iii) Short-Answer questions about applications of each chapter’s economic concepts, and (iv) longer Exercises which pro
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