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Blau and Kahn Summary (2000) - Gender Differences in Pay

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Economics (Arts)
ECON 426
Sonya Laszlo

Daniel S Goh McGill ID 260305028 ECON 426 Article Summary 23 November 2011SUMMARYTitle Gender Differences in Pay Authors Francine D Blau and Lawrence M Kahn Source The Journal of Economic Perspectives Date June 2000 Keywords Gender discriminationMain hypothesesquestionsA review article that analyzes the extent of and sources of gender differences in pay and comparisons of the US with other countriesMain resultsThere are many factors that account for gender differences pay o Differences in labor market treatment o Differences in qualifications o Employment in different sectors o Wage structureThe gender pay gap will continue to decrease however the discrimination that is currently present will continue to affect themLiterature review There is considerable review with regards to differences in employment and wages following educational attainment Flyer and Rosen 1994 Wood et al 1993 Weinberger 1998 and job advancemen
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