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Class 3

Elementary Education
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EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

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Class 3: What Historians do and how they think historically (Part 1)
3 Central Components of Doing History
historical evidence
o 2 kinds of historical sources
primary sources
secondary sources
o types of records of the past
historian’s narrative skills
o imagination/creativity
historian’s subjectivity
“the past is a foreign place”
5 Steps of the Historical Method
o inquiry/investigation
o what and where?
o external criticism
o internal criticism
extraction & organization
o centering it all in
o creating a plausible narrative, while taking the limits of available evidence and
one’s subjectivity into account
Limits of the Historical Method
evidence hard to come by
available evidence can be poor
few hard facts
complexity behind understanding past reality
complexity behind understanding historical actors
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