RELG 207 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Hosanna, Christ Pantocrator

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June 15, 2015
The Study of World Religions Christianity (Paolo Livieri)
Who is Jesus Christ?
The incarnation of God, the creator of universe
He is the bearer of the Gospel (the messenger of the Gospel)
Messiah: (Hebrew) literally anointed one (chosen one). the Greek Christ-
Kingship of Jesus
Word Per Word (Paolo Livieri)
Christ is not a name, it is a title and the messiah refers to the King of the Kingdom of God,
the long awaited King on earth of the chosen people
From a different perspective, King in the Christian religion means something different than
in Judaism
Jesus Christ will acknowledge that he is the Messiah (he will to avoid to
admit that he is the messiah). He asked a lot of disciples around him: who
do you think I am? . Only Peter said that he was clearly the Messiah and for the
first time he agreed that he was the messiah. He didnt want to confirm his messianic
function because he did not want to mix his function with the traditional function of the
Messiah. He did not just want to become a political king. He didnt want to be taken as the
new political leader of the chosen people.
Doctrine of Incarnation
Doctrine of Incarnation : Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human (this doctrine is likely
connected to the second person that we will encounter in the diction of the most relevant
character of the religion)
Mary was a virgin and got pregnant without conception (second person): Many people
debated the nature of the Virgin Marys motherhood. Is the Virgin Mary the mother of God?
or the mother of the human?
Word per word (Paolo Livieri)
Two different crucification (1402-1404) made by two different authors: Donatello & Brunaleski .
They were friends and shared many things together before art and Donatello made the first
crucification art project and this was extremely impressive (the face of Jesus is completely
naked and suffering). Brunaleski then replied with his own with the perfect canon of proportion
and the face of Jesus Christ is a beautiful face, the face of a king.Brunaleski said to Donatello;
you dont have a king, you have a peasant. Donatello replied that yes in fact he was a really
low class human while yours is more a king, an aristocrat. This debate went on and it was
decided, that there was a king and there was a man (purest divine embodiment and also the
human side of the embodiment)
Jesus Christ
Born into a family of carpenter in Galilee (northern province of the Roman colony of
The parents werent married at the time Mary (the mother) was pregnant
Gospels pick up his story when he was thirty (with the exception of an incident that occurred
when he was twelve) late years of Jesus Christ
Jesus appears on stage as disciple of a radical desert prophet: John the Baptist
John the Baptist
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