RELG 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Moral Authority, Pansexuality, Dysphoria

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Sexual Ethics - Deconstructing Difference, Sexual Orientation
Sex Difference Models:
-Polarity models: contrast/ conflict/ competition/ struggle for survival
-Complementary models: constructive difference / cooperation/ interactionist
Physical Differences:
-Women: greater constitutional vitality, lower metabolism, different skeletal structure,
more complex reproductive capacities, different and more varied hormones, less red
blood cells, smaller lungs, less muscle mass/strength, more rapid heart beat, greater
resistance to high temperatures, more neurons connecting left and right halves of brain,
shorter physiological reactions to danger/stress
Social/ Psychological Differences:
-Women: more interpersonal, more concerned about strength and health of close
affiliations, more verbal
Sexual Orientation
-Problems: universality, malleability, criteria for determining
Definitions (in an Age of Flux):
-Transgender: acceptance of the sex of one’s body, but not the roles socially assigned to
that body
-Transsexual: discomfort with the sex of ones body and a rejection of the roles
associated with that body
-Third sex/gender: born with no clear gender-determining physical characteristics (e.g.
German Policy)
-Gender Dysphoria: the feeling of one’s true emotional and physiological identity to be
the opposite of their born sex
-Intersex: person born with chromosomes, external genitalia, or internal reproductive
organs that are not considered standard for males or females
-Hermaphrodite: typically born with reproductive organs normally associated with both
male and female sexes
-Consensual masochism/sadism:
(Non-consensual/partial or restricted relationships, paraphilias:)
-Nonconsensual masochism/ sadism:
-Exhibitionism/ voyeurism:
-Necrophilia: sexual arousal
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