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Elementary Education
EDEE 260
Paul Kettner

Resource Review Vanessa McKellar- 260481915 Reading Methods- EDEE 260 February 26 , 2014 The resource that I have chosen is a free website, “Read, Write, Think”. This website provides a tremendous amount of literary support for not only teachers, but parents and students as well. The website provides resources for grades Kindergarten to grade 12, and has a wide variety of examples to choose from. The website is divided into four main parts; the first section being “Classroom Resources”, where there are lesson plans, helpful tools, calendar suggestions and themes, as well as printout worksheets. The second section of the website is “Professional Development”, where there are strategy guides for teaching as well as learning, online help, and events that are continuously added that teachers may attend. The third section of the website is “Videos”, where there are numerous videos uploaded of actual teachers in their classrooms showing how to perform a particular strategy. The final section of the website is “Parent &Afterschool Resources”, where parents, or people who may be tutoring or helping out students, can explore many activities, projects, games and printouts that are educational and fun for students to do. As a future teacher, I do believe that this website would be very beneficial to use in my classroom. In Particular, I believe that I would use this website for the very insightful lesson plans. It provides numerous lesson plans for each grade that last for several lessons, allowing teachers to really develop the ideas. One lesson that I thought was very useful was for a grade 1 class, with the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. This lesson is shaped around this book to develop students’critical thinking by predicting what will come next in the story by “reading” pictures and using word cues, showing their understanding of the story by sequencing the text by pictures and keywords (after reading it), identifying relationships among characters, practicing oral skills by retelling the story, and beginning writing by writing keywords on pictures to recreate their own story. This lesson is packed with extremely important ideas that are essential for all beginning readers (and writers) to comprehend. The lesson is spread out among seven different sessions, which if I were the teacher, I believe that it would really allow me to develop each idea so that all students can understand and are comfortable using the new tools that they have learned. Each lesson that is provided on this website is very similar to the one described above; all have clear instructional goals that teachers may easily choose from in order to find a lesson that is appropriate for their students, and all are very well developed with step by step plans for each session of the lesson.Also, this website provides
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