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Class 5

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

Class 5: First Nations: Geography, Traditions, Lifestyles Searching to Understand  2 theories of migration o via Beringia  over a land bridge  2 km wide connecting NA & Asia  migrated from Asia (Siberia) down into the south o via the sea  leap-frogging down the Pacific coast  population numbers o estimates vary  scholars believe the pre-European contact numbers vary between 500 000 – 2 million  Europeans brought diseases like small pox which killed many Aboriginals  98% dwindled  2 distinct categorizations o linguistic  8-11 language units of First Nations  each one is diverse o cultural  revolves around geography of FN Focus on Quebec  The Algonquians o seminomadic o Canadian Shield o lived in Wig Wams o had technology to support life (tools)  The Iroquoians o sedentary o southern parts of Canadian Shield & St. Lawrence region
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