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Class 8

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

Class 8: New France: The Early Years Main Economic Activities in New France  the fishing trade: cod o Europeans came off coast of NFLD & started setting up bases  came into contact with FN o green fishery  on a boat, made 2 trips/year o dry fishery  brought everything back to shore  the fur trade: beaver o sign of status & wealth o depleted in Europe so came to NA for them o main centres st  Tadoussac  one of the 1 trading posts for French; connected French to Canadian interior  Quebec City o impact on FN  disrupted lifestyles, brought disease; Algonquians lost self-sufficiency, were the 1 middle man & had beef with Iroquois (France sided with A, English with I) o material & cultural exchanges with the French  French learned blueberries, maple syrup, moccasins, show shoes
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