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Class 9: New France: Life and Traditions in the Colony Jean Talon and the Filles du roy  set out to increase immigration & population  shipped over filles du roy (770 young orphans) to match with men and have babies  within 3 months all were married  wanted to raise demographics  gave out $ for families with lots of children (10+), men married by 20, women married by 16 & the 26 child would receive a free education New France as a Royal Colony  expression of absolutism in New France o mercantilism  colony needs to serve needs of mother country  provided France with new & raw materials o triangular trade  colonial administration o the governor  military person who controlled military forces  represented the king  responsible for affairs & dealt with FN  gave out trade licenses  promoted glory of France o the intendant  an administrator of finances, economic development, justice & civil _____  had to pay for troops  managed trade  cared about the colony o rivalry between the governor & the intendant  New France vs. France o the sovereign council  supreme court  consisted of governor, intendant, bishop & counsellors  number of counsellors grew as the population did  3 functions:  court of appeals  issued decrees for governance  issue royal edicts  the seigneurial system o typical land holding system from France to Quebec o aims  provide colony with basic land survey system  establish a framework between privileged & land peasants  develop system for recruiting & settling immigrants o the seigneur  largest = the church (owned ¼)  required to maintain household on granted land  must develop it  helped court to settle local disputes  had monopoly over hunting & fishing rights  owned common pastures  had large reserves of wood/stone  privileged rights o the censitaires  the inhabitants  paid taxes for living on land & working
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