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Lecture 7

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English (Arts)
ENGL 226
Kait Pinder

Lecture 7: Henry James and Essay Essay Expectations • Handed in in-class Thursday, May 23rd • Please hand in with a self-addressed, stamped enveloped to ensure you receive the comments on the paper • 1800-2000 words; 6-7 pages double-spaced • comparative • secondary sources are not necessary • thesis must bring together the two authors being considered • Introduction ◦ start with a sentence that gets directly into your topic, not your thesis ▪ start with general claim or observation ▪ i.e. Mark Twain in Pudd'nhead Wilson and William Faulkner in As I Lay Dying use comedic aspects in novels that might otherwise be characterized as tragedies ◦ DO NOT start your introduction with a sentence like: Since the beginning of culture, people have written books about families. • Thesis ◦ makes a clear and detailed argument ◦ must be something that someone could argue against ▪ not description or plot summary ◦ DO NOT use self-referrential statements ANYWHERE IN YOUR ESSAY! ▪ i.e. This paper will argue that Stephen Crane's….. • Body Paragraphs ◦ structure like the response paragraphs you've been writing ◦ include a topic sentence that clearly states the argu
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