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Milton 14

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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Oct 15 - Milton writes oddly: if Yoda wrote in very long sentences, then this is how he would write. - the heroic couplets were far more fashionable at this time, and his blank verse is weird - read outloud: it's very useful - how the sound works with what's being said is very important **USE THIS FOR THE PAPER - don't bother with the footnotes, unless you really need them. or read through first and then come back to them Satan - he talks a lot, so that means that he must be important - it's blatently stated that Satan is in charge - he's large - the book begins with a typical epic: the hero has been kicked out and needs to find a new home (Aeneid, Odyssey) - however, Satan's not a good guy, which makes it odd to cheer for him - Milton is trying to "justify the ways of God to man" - why, then, does he start with Satan - exclamation marks - these are the first two ou
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