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Milton 19

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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Oct 29 - he wishes that they'd be warned, and they are warned - it's almost as if Milton said "oh, if only they had some foreknowledge!" and then decided that that might be a good idea - why does the narrator stress "erect?" - we're looking straight rather than down to the ground - why isn't the tree of knowledge described? - describe Adam and Eve last, then Satan speaks (he's jealous), then Adam (he kind of recaps what we've just read) - Eve then talks about her creation : Satan doesn't remember his, he's very confused - Raphael tells a story and Adam tells a story. which story in genesis do they line up with? - Hobbes: "people living in the state of nature" -> people have a natural state of war, distrust and anger and such - Hobbes constantly quotes the
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