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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Nov 10 - central episode that joins books 5-8 - banquet: Adam and Raphael are engaged in a kind of symposium - eating and knowing - what are the proper limits of knowledge? - Raphael tells Adam that he must learn to control his desire for knowledge - Raphael is really not being very direct - he totally could have just said shit outright, and then Adam would have fewer questions - Adam doesn't understand why so many stars circle around the earth - why is all the power circled around one tiny little spot - he doesn't understand why one small thing gets to stay still while all the big things run around it - he thinks that the big things must be a lot better than the little ones - since the big things are moving around the little one, they seem to be serving it. why? - Raphael says that the first problem with Adam's assumptions is that he assumes that things that are higher/bigger are better - Satan is the one who has this view: he is the one who thinks that up is good, and down is bad. Raphael says that this might not be true - the whole tone is a very familiar anti-intellectualism - Raphael is all like "don't worry your pretty little head about things you couldn't possibly understand" while simultaneously throwing out theories popular in 17th century - however, he never says which one is correct - Milton might not want to get himself in trouble like Galeleo - p
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