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Nathalie Cooke

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Couplet - Two lines of rhyming verse. - Some have endstopping, where the pair can encapsulate the meaning. - There's a tendancy to put the emotional words at the end of the line. - Use of caesura: notion of a pause in the middle. This creates a balance. - Michael Drayton introduced the notion of having meaning. - Couplets have existed for a long time. The basic, most early form consisted of two lines that exist as a unit and allow for rhythm. - Heroic couplet: allows the conclusion of a sonnet to be strong/empathetic through the use of iambic pentameter. - Short couplet: iambic tetrameter. - Closed couplet: these are complete in sense and syntax, where open couplets use enjambment. - The element of emotion, a musical & lyrical element, was
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