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Haiku vs. Senryu

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English (Arts)
ENGL 345
Nathalie Cooke

Haiku vs Senryu - began in the 13th century in japan as the opening phrase of the renga. Became a form of its own in the late 1600s through Matsuo Basho's contributions. - Conscision, concrete imagery and natural content matter. - A haiku should not last for more than a breath. Sayimi Kamakura A two minute walk to the mailbox - though if I run spring must surely come. - 17 syllables or less. no particular rhyme scheme. Not always in lines of 5, 7, 5. describes experience or awe or transcendental insight. Emphasizes simplicity, intensity and directnedd of expression. It must contain a Kigo (word reference of a particular season of a year). - Most English haikus have a caesura in the middle. When the images are well-chosen, this pause allows for internal comparison. - In Japanese, the haiku appears on a single line. The syllables are counted differently, so to approximate the japanese sound, there should be no more than 17. There is variation because of this. Experimentation is inevitable. - Haikus are often confused with other forms of poetry. Senryu: - "I like to c
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