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List Poem

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English (Arts)
ENGL 345
Nathalie Cooke

List Poem - more than a list - it uses details and precise language to show the reader what the poet has noticed about a certain thing - a kind of catalogue poem (a verse that records the names of several persons, places or things in the form of a list (common in epic)) - characteristics: items, people, places or ideas - there's usually repetition. rhyming is optional. the last line is the most important/funniest Good-byes - it's hard to say goodbye to many things, but most importantly, it's hard to say goodbye to you. - can be traced back to ancient greek times - catalogues in epic (in the Iliad, for example, the catalogue of ships and the comic catalogue) - Zeus is trying to flatter his wife by listing all the women he's slept with and saying that she's the best - in the 1
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