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Lecture 14

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ENVR 540
Christa Scholtz

 Your environment is your health, but not the only factor influencing your health.  Genetic material can influence our health; influences what we are immune and weak to.  What is environmental health? According to WHO (World Health Organization): in the broadest sense, environmental health comprise those aspects of human health, diseases and injuries that are determined or influenced by factors in the environment.  What are some of the factors in the environment that influence our health? o There are direct and indirect factors :  chemical (e.g. organic and inorganic)  physical  social factors (e.g. housing, urban development, land use and transportation) What is the environment? It is everything that affects a living organism (e.g. wolf, bird, plants)  Compartments of environment that affect human health are: o Air o Water o Soil o Manmade Developments Environmental Health  Humans have changed and disturbed the environment in various ways  Human population and consumption of resources resulted in the alteration of Earth substantially and growing  Some suggest 80% of the Earth’s surface has been altered by human forces  Why? Two reasons indicate the exponential growth of the human species and consumption of resources to improve our lives (e.g. luxurious purchases)  Protecting the environment has been a mainstay of public health practices since 1878  Protecting the environment may be the best way to protect public health and reduce environmental diseases 
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