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Geography of the Division of Labour

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GEOG 216
Geraldine Akman

Geography of the Division of Labour - Agglomerations – flex spec - @s/point in econ, choice has been made b/w craft production (skill labour where ppl make things by hand), ppl become cynical of mass consumption, want positional goods - Division of labour  increased productivity - Simplification of tasks - Set up times - Labour discipline - Deskilling - Mechanization - H: alienation (worker has no pride in his work, no excitement, job unsatisfying Spatial Division of Labour - International division of labour (e/nat should specialize in what they do best) - Comparative advantage vs. competitive advantage - Natural advantages + disadvantages, humans can improve this - Markets + transport Scott: Important Concepts - Technical vs. Social division of labour - Technical: division of labour w/in firm, w/in factory - Social: division of labour b/w firms - Vertical integration vs. disintegration - Vertical integration: diff parts of production done w/in firm - Disintegration: diff parts of production spun out b/w diff firms - Horizontal integration: firms that are disintegrated are often horizontal - Taylorism vs. human relations - Taylorism: idea that you can sci figure out best ways, movements, of an assembly line - If divide up to the max, ppl may not work as hard, may sacrifice bit of Taylorism H: get buy in fr/ppl  keep workers happy - Internalized vs. externalized production stages - Upstream + downstream - Firm making thread + thread
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