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Recent Patterns and Trends: A Geography of the Canadian Economy

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McGill University
GEOG 216
Geraldine Akman

Recent Patterns and Trends: A Geography of the Canadian Economy Reading - Divide history of Cda economically 2 periods: before + after 1972 - 3 changes since 1970s:  Shift away fr/resource dependence  North American integration: FAT 1988, NAFTA 1993,  Knowledge-based econ in cities - Post-indus econ depends less on indus, more on finance, R+D, edu, high tech conception - Highest value added parts of our econ today - Globalization - Problematic term: used by authors as a short-hand for new economy - Fordism, 1945-1973 - Unified econ structure (Fordism) - Based on mass production + mass consumption  Big factories producing many identical goods  Take advantage of economies of scale (more produced, cheaper individ unit becomes)  Mass consumption involved welfare state, power to unions  Workers earned enough to consume products being produced (virtuous circles) - 1972/3 Fordism collapsed (Post-Fordism/flexible capitalism, authors use globalization) - Neoliberal (ideology, set of biased ideas + set of policies) - Attack on Fordism  Attempt to dismantle policies of Fordism - Argues that gov should be cut back + market should be allowed to run econs  In favour of free trade, dismantle welfare state, cut back gov spending  Liberating capital fr/Fordist sys (rigidity for further growth @1point) - Fifth Kondratieff - Fordism = 4 Kondratieff th - Post-Fordism = 5 Kondratieff - Econ history congeals during diff periods of time on a set of technologies  Fordism: set of techs  mass production, gas engine, steel  5 K: computers, information, digital world  Argues tech change = constant to s/extent H: can see periods of innovation/periods when certain techs gel + become dominate for prd of time - Shifting core of world econ - Indus Rev 1750 - 1850, 1850 NE USA, SW USA, Pacific Rim (SanFran, Vancouver, W seabord China/Japan)  have uneven geographic development The Canadian Economy - Shifting centre of gravity of Cdn economy - In what ways is Canada dependent on the US? -
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