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GEOG 309
Geraldine Akman

Atlantic CanadaNew BrunswickPrince Edward IslandNova Scotia NewfoundlandLabradorPhysiographic RegionsCanadian shield labradorAppalachian UplandsFrom these we get fish forests new Brunswick and mineralsPhysical Attributes55 of area of CanadaAppalachian Uplandsvery old terrainit has been flattened by the environment wind snow ice waterContinental Shelf 400km offshorePotentially a very productive fisheryThey are now searching for petroleum in Newfoundland and Natural Gas in Nova ScotiaMain air masses originate in the Interior of North America gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic OceanAtlantic climatic zone includes hot moist air masses from Gulf of MexicoSubarctic zone is milder inlandArctic zone Labrador current chills coastlineLittle arable landStJohn river valley PEIAnnapolis valleyAtlantic Ocean that links provinces together and to foreign countries Western EuropeIsolated from Canadas Corecloser ties to New EnglandNew Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island NewfoundlandLabradorPopulationjust under 7 of the population of Canada1949 Atlantic Canada constituted 116 of the nations populationslow population increase and large outmigration little inmigrationrecent major decline and then rebound in populations of NewfoundlandLabrador and New BrunswickMainly due to new mining industry in the two provincesFrom 1996 to 2008 Atlantic Canada lost over 48 000 residentsOriginal settlers were British french and GermanPopulation lives mainly in the south north holds less than 5 of the population settlements are dispersed along the coastlineinland communities situated around mineral and forest resourcesLeast urbanized region in Canada
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