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Lecture 20

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McGill University
Hispanic Studies (Arts)
HISP 226
Nicolas Gulino

Us attacked people with death squads murdered anyone they didnt wantTruth Commission says tens of thousands of deathThe more they attacked these tiny countries and the greater the power of the USKidnapped anyone who called them out It was the national police itself that did thatTorture and gangrapes used as wellGovernment oppressed instead of protecting La Mozote massacre famous80s Pinochet and other dictators seen as unnecessary embarrassmentChile became a really unequal society under Pinochet rich getting richer and poor getting poorerChile is a democracy now in theory But the splitting of the votes and the constitution prevent change really Pinochet did all these policies Media is safe and pretends life is rich and comfortable Ideal democracy where nothing is told for WashingtonFor a long time in Bolivia only white people descendants of colonizers were the elite making decisions in congress and getting richer while the aborigines were forced into serf
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