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The French Revolution

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McGill University
HIST 215
Judith Szapor

The French Revolution 1 IntroSignificanceEnd of Old Regime o It had a monarch not elected or approved by people ruled by grace of God privileged role designated for catholic church social order determined by birth rather than birth and remnants of ancient medieval type economic structures Destroyed in 1789 over the course of a few months Absolute to constitutional monarchy to republico Transformed Frances type of government introduced legislation and a political framework which responded to social political and ideological changes10year experiment in popular sovereigntyseries of experiments with political models with the scope of rights that it assigns two people in terms of social and political movements and all this happening in the midst of war New political vocabularyEuropean and global influence o From 1792 when France was in war and would stay in war with the rest of Europe experiments spread across Europe o Napoleon 1799 crowned himself in 1804 By the time of
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