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Lecture 11

Lecture 11- From Munich to 1940 Battle of Britain.pdf

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McGill University
HIST 386
Brian Lewis

after Munich, the end of Czechoslovakia was not long delayed Hitler broke all promises made at Munich March 1939 occupies Prague makes mockery of promise to leave undefended Czech borders alone policy of appeasement could not survive this public opinion in Br. and Fr. swung towards firmer stance easier for gov'ts to tell hitler what they were willing to accept in redrawing of map of Europe March 31th Chamberlain unconditional mil. guarantee to Poland Br. and Fr. more militarily ready to fight than last Autumn felt their powers were threatened by Ger. revisionism search for allies begins, ending Br. isolation from alliance systems since 1920s Feb. Chamberlain commits Br. to assisting Fr. on continent joint army staff talks begin April Br. offers guarantees to Romania and Greece Br. introduce limited conscription in armed forces (1st time for it during peace time) effectiveness in defense of Poland depended on Sov.Union (SU) Br. and Fr. long in favour of united anti-fascist front Chamberlain distrusts Russia, demands Red Army should be stationed in Poland to actually protect them poles refuse, thinking they will never leave Eastern Euro potential allies hate SU Stalin ready to accept advances of Ger. notorious Nazi-Sov. pact August 22nd Hitler tells generals that war b/w Ger. and Poland will remain localized Engl. and Fr. will threaten, but not declare war Chamberlain sends letter to Hitler trying to make it clear they will act Chamberlain decides to go to war did everything he could to avoid it Br. fully joins April 1940 first 8 months before that are anti-climactic all of the parties supported the war, but opposition would not join wartime coalition while Chamberlain was in control must bring in dissident conservatives Churchill Eaton evacuation of children from major cities defense spending up to 46% of GDP by 1940 new ministries established in gov't food eco. warfare labour and nat'l service etc. 1st mil. confrontation April
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