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HIST 390
Margaret Carlyle

Lecture: Religious Tensions (to 1715) Background Themes • crisis of religious authority (16-17thC) ◦ fragmentation of Christendom--Reformation ◦ religious wars ◦ mysticism and interior faith ◦ splinter sects ("chrétiens sans église") • need to define and defend orthodoxy ◦ Catholic Reform (Counter-Reformation) ▪ Council of Trent ▪ commission of cardinals who met to initiate Church reforms 1545-1563 ◦ persecution of heresy ▪ against the unfaithful ▪ get people to convert or flee ◦ intolerance of religious minorities • religion and politics in Europe 1685-1715 ◦ origins of Enlightenment ◦ criticism of Louis XIV's religious policy ◦ Protestants (Pierre Bayle), Jansenists ▪ separation of Church from politics idea ▪ toleration and co-existence of multiple beliefs ◦ religious sphere and political sphere overlap Religion in Ancien Régime • church as organizing force ◦ Roman Catholicism ◦ life cycle ◦ reading public ◦ cultural + economic/political force ◦ two "Romes" in France (Bell) ▪ RCC ▪ Roman (classical) Antiquity French Gallican Church • The French Catholic Church claims authority for itself • Asseblée de Clergé (bishops of France) • Gallican doctrine (uses conciliar theory against Papal claims) • Council of Trent not formally ratified • 1682 Louis XIV's Gallican articles • Ecumenical Council ◦ takes power from Pope for governing body, composed of French bishops • opposition to Gallicanism is Ultramontan
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