INTD 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Nato Parliamentary Assembly, European Development Fund

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Lecture 20: Regional Bodies
12/16/12 9:22 AM
Article 52: nothing in the present charter precludes the existence of regional
agreements dealing with such matters as peace and security
Must be consistent with the UN
Article 103: In the event of a conflict between the members of the UN under
the present charter and under any other regional organization, the UN
charter takes precedent
European Regional Organizations
Council of Europe (Human Rights)
o 1949
o almost the whole continent is involved
o before the ICCP and ICESC
o adopted a legally binding treaty on human rights in 1953
o European convention on Human Rights
o Have a parliamentary assembly
o The most effective human rights body in the world (as per
o 5 major protocols
! abolition of capital punishment
o 47 members
European Union
o First established as an economic body under the Paris Treaty
o 27 members (all are also members of the Council of Europe)
o 28 members in 2013 " Croatia
o 23 official languages
o 1989: Charter of Fundamental Rights for Workers " came in
force 2009
o Eurozone: 1999, 17 members
o Conditions for Admissions
! Have stable democratic institutions
! Respect for minorities
! Working market economy
! Capacity to cope with competition in the EU
! Ability to adhere to the economic and political standards
of the EU
! Must abolish the death penalty
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o European Council: the basic body that makes the basic
o The European Commission: the executive branch, 27
members (one from each country)
o European Court of Justice: deals with any treaty adopted by
the EU
o EU Central Bank, EU Monetary Institute
o Development
! 1975: Lomé Convention
! Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
! Disaster Relief
! ECHO: European Development Fund
OSCE: acts as a bridge between western, eastern and eastern Asia
NATO: military defense organization
o North Atlantic Assembly
o No human rights mandate
o If any NATO country is attacked, all other NATO countries will
come help
OECD: economic development
o 32 members
o No human rights mandate
o Headquartered in Paris
American Regional Organizations
o Pan American Union: tried to work out problems between
countries in the Americas
o 4 Pillars
! Promotion of Democracy
! Promotion of Human Rights
! Prevent War
! International Development
o Human Rights
! American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man
! 1960: Inter-American Commission for Human Rights
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