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Civil Society, NGOs, HR defenders

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International Development
INTD 200
Warren Allmand

Civil Society, NGOs, HR Defenders 12/5/12 1:19 AM Warren Allmand NGOs Make the system work • Assist with complaints • Help draft policies • Build a bridge between governments and citizens of the world • Raise issues governments won’t Civil Society: a sum of all non family institutions which are autonomous and independent of the state and capable of influencing public opinion • NGOs • Trade Unions • Churches • Academia • Professional Organizations • Media • Political Parties • Business Organizations?? What is the legal basis in international law? What gives NGOs legitimacy? • Charter of the UN: We the peoples of the United Nations o Doesn’t we the governments//institutions • UDHR: preamble o All peoples have the rights to do things to help people • Freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression • Article 71: economic and social council may make suitable arrangements with NGO’s that are concerned with matter with in its competence History of NGOs 1800’s: British and Foreign Anti-Slavery society of 1823 • abolish slavery in Britain and the empire à successful in 1838 • still exist: Anti-Slavery International Many kinds of NGO’s à can be national, local or international Examples • Amnesty International • Human Rights Watch • Red Cross • International Service for Human Rights o Helps NGOs in Geneva • Lawyers Committee for Human Rights • World Social Forum o Brings together NGOs and Civil Society organizations to counter the World Economic Forum o Started in Brazil • Save the Children à Child Save • Green Peace 1990: 6,000 NGOs 2003: 250,000 NGOs (international) • Amnesty International has over 1 million members Eco-soc status: gives right to sit in UN meetings and give out informatio
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