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Lecture 14

Lecture 14:Role of the UN in Development in Human Rights

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McGill University
International Development
INTD 200
Warren Allmand

Lecture 14: role of the UN in Development and Human Rights 12/16/12 9:22 AM Goals of the UN Charter • 1. Prevention of war and the maintenance of peace. • 2. Promotion and support of development. • 3. Promotion and support of human rights. UDHR Preamble: every individual and every organ of society keeping this declaration constantly in mind should strive to promote respect for these rights and freedom and should strive to enforce these. For development to be successful, you need peace. Development is not just economic, it involves development of the person also. HDI is used by the UNDP to measure development. Therefore, you need human rights to develop. What has the UN done to go about achieving these goals (Peace)? • Peace keeping operations • Peace making operations • Develop treaties on nuclear weapons • Nuclear free zones • Landmines Treaty • Convention against chemical weapons • Convention against biological weapons • UN has right to use force in instances where a conflict is about to take place Vienna Declaration: a declaration about what was decided at a world conference • The universality is beyond question • Human rights are the birthright of
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